Jan 9, 2014, 11:53 PM
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US has created problems for Pakistan, says top adviser

Islamabad, Jan 9, IRNA – Pakistan’s top security adviser has said that the United States has not achieved its stated objectives of peace‚ defeating terrorism‚ promoting development and creating democratic stability in Afghanistan.

“The United States did not achieve its objectives, but created problems for Pakistan,” Sartaj Aziz, advisor on national security and foreign affairs, told a book launching ceremony and reporters in Islamabad.

He said that the United States was fighting a wrong war‚ with wrong methods and with wrong people.

“The United States was now fighting those which were trained‚ armed and funded by it during the Russian invasion of Afghanistan,” Mr. Aziz, who has previously served as Pakistan's Foreign and Finance Minister said.

The Advisor said use of American drone attacks in the Pakistani tribal societies reflected total ignorance about their values and traditions and therefore‚ have not yielded intended results and instead proved counterproductive.

Sartaj Aziz said that Pakistan has forcefully raised the drone issue not only with the United States but also at different forums and its policy is bearing good results.

“The international community is now supportive of the Pakistani position and the government would raise the issue more emphatically in the weeks to come.”

To a question, he said that the United States always claimed that the drone attacks are aimed at high value targets and now that these have largely been taken care of, it is time for the drone strikes to come to an end.

He said the war on terror has disturbed the traditional system in the Pakistani tribal region and affected the balance that had been there between the Pakistani Government and the tribal areas due to the erosion of the tribal structure.

The adviser said that the government would take a combination of measures to improve the situation in the tribal areas. These included border control to prevent illegal movement‚ establishment of the writ of the state‚ reconstruction and rehabilitation and re-establishing the tribal system by way of administrative‚ legal and economic measures.

To a question he said that the decision of Pervez Musharraf's government to send the army to the tribal areas turned the tribal structure to a topsy-turvy status and some elements have taken advantage of the situation to create problems for the government.

The advisor also said that the contacts with the Pakistani Taliban in a bid to have dialogue withthem are still being established but he would not predict the outcome of the efforts.