Jan 8, 2014, 5:36 PM
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Jazayeri: Supporters of terrorists will pay for their mistakes

Tehran, Jan 8, IRNA -- Deputy Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces Masoud Jazayeri said on Wednesday that supporters of terror will pay for their mistakes adding that terror groups who triggered a bloodshed in Syria are the puppets of the US, Britain and Israel.

There is no doubt the supporters of the terrorist groups will pay the price for their mistakes, he said.

Speaking prior to the international confab on Syria due to be held in Switzerland, he said that the terror groups perpetrated inhuman crimes against the Syrian people and that the enemies of Syria have made what they could in the past two years to strike a blow to the resistance movement to Israeli occupation, but, to no avail.

The commander made it clear that US and its allies failed to trigger a full scale war in Syria.

Referring to the overt and covert goals set by the global power and their supporters in the upcoming conference on Syria, he said the Syrian people will never be deceived or incited by Israel.

Jazayeri predicted that the terrorist groups may penetrate into other countries and create problems for their supporters.

Those who raise terrorists will experience setback, he said adding that the Syrian people have no trust in the US and believe that with reliance upon their own people they will overcome the terrorists.