Officials say Musharraf could leave Pakistan within days: Report

Islamabad, Jan 8, IRNA -- Officials close to the security services said Pakistan’s former president Pervez Musharraf could leave the country within days, local media reported on Wednesday.

“It is good for everybody — including Musharraf — that he would go out of the country,” a senior security official in Islamabad said, speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the case.

Musharraf’s name is currently on the Exit Control List (ECL) and while he can move around freely in the country, he is not permitted to leave Pakistan.

The former president is due to face treason charges under Article 6 for suspending, subverting and abrogating the Constitution, imposing an emergency in the country in November 2007 and detaining judges of the superior courts.

The 70-year-old became ill and was rushed to the Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology in Rawalpindi on January 2 as he was being transported under heavy guard to the Special Court.

Musharraf’s wife, had requested the government to remove his name from the ECL as his medics and aides considered shifting him abroad for treatment. However, the government had refused to entertain this request.

On January 6, the Shuhada Foundation of Lal Masjid had also submitted a request in the Islamabad High Court to stop Musharraf from leaving the country. The court had said the former military ruler cannot exit the country without its approval, adding that others should not interfere in matters of the court.

Musharraf’s medical reports were presented to the Special Court on January 7 and he was granted a two-day exemption from appearing before it in person.