Zarif: Iran will not accept any precondition for presence in Syria confab

Tehran, Jan 7, IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif underlined Iran's role in solving Syrian issues, saying that Iran will never accept any precondition for presence in conference on Syria.

In a meeting with Syrian deputy foreign minister Faysal Meqdad, he underscored Iran's principled stance regarding settlement of the humanitarian crisis in Syria through diplomatic means, calling for the Syrian-Syrian negotiations.

Referring to the sensitivity and significance of the current developments in the region, Zarif also stressed the need for promoting cooperation and regular consultations between the two countries and other major regional states.

"What is happening currently in Syria is a great and fate-making test for the security and stability in the entire region," he said, noting that countering the wave of terrorism and extremism require cooperation and convergence of all countries.

Underlining Iran's stable and decisive opposition to any precondition for its presence in international conference on Syria, the top diplomat further noted that Iran's stand and role in solving regional problems including Syrian crisis is a public knowledge and that the Islamic Republic of Iran will spare no effort to help settle the humanitarian crisis in Syria.

Iran will take part in the confab if it is officially invited, he said.

Meqdad, for his part, underlined the significance of Iran-Syria cooperation in line with stabilizing peace and security in the region.

He criticized the western governments for their illogical and unacceptable efforts to block Iran's presence in the conference on Syria.

Meqdad said that the Syrian government believes that Iran's involvement will contribute a lot to regional and global peace and security.