Zarif expresses deep concern about terror in Iraq, calls for systematic campaign against terror

Tehran, Jan 7, IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif on Tuesday expressed deep concern about terror in Iraq, calling for systematic campaign against terrorism.

Speaking to former Iraqi Vice-President Adel Abdul Mahdi in Tehran, Zarif said certainly, campaign against terrorism is the demand the Iraqi nation from different political spectrum.

He appreciated the practical steps taken by the Iraqi government in campaign against terrorism and arrest of agents responsible for terrorist attack on Iranian nationals in Iraq.

Mahdi in turn provided Zarif with the first hand account about the Iraqi government's strong campaign against the dirty phenomenon of terrorism and extremism, calling for cooperation of all regional governments to eradicate terrorism.

He said, "Fortunately, many tribesmen are hurt by insecurity and violence in the region (targeted by terrorist operations), coming to help the Iraqi army fight terrorists."

He highlighted importance of cooperation among influential countries of the region, especially Iran, Iraq and Turkey, to fight terrorism in the region, urging the need for consultations of officials from the three countries.