Jan 5, 2014, 8:00 PM
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Iran’s stance vindicated in nuclear deal: MP

Islamabad, Jan 5, IRNA – A Member of Pakistani Parliament on Sunday welcomed Iran-5+1 nuclear deal adding that Iranian stance over peaceful nuclear program has been vindicated.

Talking to IRNA, Senator Zafar Ali Shah of Pakistan Muslim League-N said that Iran is a peaceful country and has assured the world that they have developed nuclear program for peaceful purposes.

He said that Iran-5+1 nuclear agreement should be implemented to bring peace and stability in the world as well as the region.

Majid Takhte-Ravanchi, Iranian deputy foreign minister for European and American affairs has said that Iran’s technical nuclear talks with the Sextet is almost finished and a couple of remaining issues are in need of decision making by the two sides’ politicians.

Earlier Hamid Baeidinejad, head of Iran’s expert-level negotiating team has said that experts of Iran and Group 5+1 have set January 20 the date to implement the action plan in line with nuclear deal struck on November 24.

Senator Zafar Ali Shah expressing his views said that the nuclear deal is the political and diplomatic success of Iran. “It is good to see that the US has realized mistake and changed its approach towards Iran,” viewed the Senator.

He went on to say that conspiracies against Iran have been failed miserably and today majority of the world states are standing with the Islamic Republic.

The lawmaker added that talks between Iran and western powers must continue as dialogue is the only way to solve disputes.

The political leader said that Iranian stance over peaceful nuclear program has been vindicated. He said that West has accepted that Iran’s nuclear program is peaceful and the country has no plans of developing nuclear weapons.

Zafar Ali Shah viewed that sanctions against Iran are unjustified and should be lifted. He added that Iran is the only country that can maintain balance of power in the region.

The Senator was of the view that the power belongs to those countries which do not yield to any kind of pressure and Iran is one of them. He said that Iran has always thought about the peace of the world.