Recognition of Iran’s nuclear right, major success: religious leader

Islamabad, Jan 4, IRNA - A Pakistani religious leader on Saturday said that acceptance of Iran’s nuclear right by Group 5+1 is a major success for the Islamic Republic.

Talking to IRNA Allama Shafqat Shirazi Secretary Political Affairs of Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) said that dialogue between Iran and the G5+1 to implement the nuclear deal is only a formality and in principle the West has accepted Iran’s right to nuclear technology.

Hamid Baeidinejad, head of Iran's expert-level negotiating team has said that experts of Iran and Group 5+1 have set January 20 as the date to implement the action plan in line with nuclear deal struck on November 24.

Allama Shirazi said that western states are pursuing illogical policy towards Iran. He added that Iran, through its patience, has forced the West to change its aggressive approach towards the Islamic Republic.

He added that West had left with no other option but to accept Iran’s peaceful nuclear right. The MWM leader said that Iran-5+1 nuclear talks are moving in a right direction.

He said Iran is a peaceful country and has no intention of developing nuclear weapons, adding that like any other country of the world Iran is free to develop nuclear technology for peaceful purposes.

Condemning the anti-Iran propaganda, the MWM leader strongly believed that the steadfastness of Iran was the only reason that has made the West to change its approach towards the country.

Iran is a major world power and plays a key role in settling world disputes, he noted, adding that Iran’s nuclear deal would bring peace and stability to the region as well as to the entire globe.