Jan 4, 2014, 5:56 AM
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Lebanese MP: Lebanon proud of intimate ties with Iran

Beirut, Jan 4, IRNA – Vice Speaker of the Supreme Lebanese Shi’a Parliament Sheikh Abdul Amir Qabalan said here Friday besides resistance of which the Lebanese are always proud, they also feel proud of being by the side of Islamic Republic of Iran.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has ever since the victory of the Islamic Revolution been supporting the oppressed Palestinian nation and we fell proud of being the friend of such a political system,” Sheikh Qabalan said in a meeting on Friday night with the Iranian Ambassador Ghazanfar Roknabadi.

He reiterated, “But unfortunately, most of the regional countries totally disregard the Palestinian cause and the oppressed Palestinian nation, which is left all alone in its uneven confrontation with the racist Zionist regime.”

The vice speaker of the Supreme Lebanese Shi’a Parliament condemned the recent terrorist attacks in Lebanon, including the Thursday attack in southern Beirut’s Zahiyah district, emphasizing, “Those who create such terrorist crimes and shed the blood of the innocent people, there is no sign of humanity in them, and do not believe in any true religion, and furthermore, they do not even comprehend either the slightest bit about the religions, or the rules of humanity.”

Sheikh Qabalan referred to the chaotic internal conditions of Lebanon, reiterating, “Lebanon needs to restructure its political apparatus so that it would be able to mightily block the path for the entry of terrorists into the country and to pave the path towards serving the nation.”

The Iranian envoy and the top Lebanese parliamentarian in the meeting exchanged ideas about the regional and Lebanon developments, as well as the two countries’ ties.

Roknabadi for his part elaborated on the latest’s status of the rapidly evolving regional developments, stressing the need for maintaining alertness aimed at countering the enemies’ plots, including their sowing the seeds of discord among the world Muslims.

He said, “The entire operations launched by the terrorists during the course of the past months have been in line with the illegitimate interests of the racist Zionist regime of Israel, and creating discord among the Lebanese people, all being directed from a sole source.”

The Iranian ambassador in Beirut said that preserving the unity and solidarity of the Lebanese nation is a dire need today, adding, “Beyond doubt, such internal unity and solidarity would dishearten the enemy and deprive them of achieving their illegitimate goals.”

The country has been rocked by a series of bombings, mostly in the capital targeting neighborhoods where Hezbollah enjoys broad support.

On Thursday, a car bomb ripped through the Beirut southern suburb of Harte Hreik, killing five people and wounding 77.

The deadly attack came less than a week after former Minister Mohammad Shatah was assassinated in a car bomb in Downtown Beirut.