Jan 3, 2014, 2:41 PM
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US asked to quit policy of double standards

Islamabad, Jan 3, IRNA -- Provincial chief of Pakistani’s top religious party on Friday said that the West, especially the US must quit policy of double standards and implement Iran’s nuclear deal as early as possible.

Talking to IRNA Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Ameer of the Jamaat-e-Islami Proffessor Mohammad Ibraheem Khan said that it is good to see that at last the West has accepted Iran’s peaceful nuclear right.

He added that Iran is a peaceful country and has assured the world that they have no intention of developing nuclear weapons.

The political analyst said that signing of a deal between Iran and the West over the Islamic Republic’s peaceful nuclear program is success for Iran.

Hamid Baeidinejad, head of Iran’s expert-level negotiating team has said that experts of Iran and Group 5+1 have set January 20 as the date to implement the action plan in line with nuclear deal struck on November 24, but the date has yet to be confirmed by both sides' politicians.

Proffessor Mohammad Ibraheem Khan said that US had tried to pressurize Iran but in vain. The JI leader went on to say that the nuclear technology is used for peaceful purposes all over the world and the West has no right to objet over Iran’s peaceful nuclear program.

He added that it is good that the West has realized their mistake and entered into a deal with the Islamic Republic. “I think that US should quit the policy of double standards and implement Iran’s nuclear deal in letter and spirit,” he said.

Proffessor Ibraheem Khan said that Iran has remained steadfast against the western pressure on its peaceful nuclear program. The former Senator added that the anti-Iranian sanctions are unjustified and must be lifted.

The political leader was also of the view that for past many decades Muslims are being targeted by the West. “Muslims are the victims of hate, they are oppressed, look what is happening in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine,” he noted.

He said 'our problem is that we the Muslims are not united.' He also said that the world Muslims should shun their differences and unite to emerge voctorious in the fight for their absolute and natural rights.

The JI leader advised the Muslim countries to unite against the enemies of Islam and not to become tools in the hands of colonial powers. “The Muslims must come forward to safeguard their interests”, he stressed.