Araqchi: Timetable to implement Geneva deal to be declared after resolving minor issues

Tehran, Jan 2, IRNA - Deputy Foreign Minister and member of nuclear negotiating team Abbas Araqchi said on Thursday that the timetable for implementation of Geneva deal will be declared after minor issues between the two sides are resolved.

Speaking to IRNA, he described the last meeting between the two sides' experts on Geneva deal as ‘positive’.

Presently, technical issues have been resolved but there are some minor differences which should be patched up through exchange of views between the two sides' politicians, he said.

As soon as these issues are resolved, the timetale for implementing Geneva deal will be made public, he said.

These differences stem from different interpretations of the Geneva deal and it seems that all these problems could be resolved by referring to the text of Geneva deal, Araqchi said.

They have proposed different timetables but the two parties should reach a mutual understanding, he said.

Foreign media quoted western diplomats as saying that January 20 sounds a suitable time to implement Geneva deal.

Exchange of views between the two sides' experts took about 20 hours.