Dec 26, 2013, 5:52 PM
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Larijani says western governments had better opt for logic and wisdom

Abadan, Khuzestan prov, Dec 26, IRNA – Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani on Thursday advised the Western governments to refrain from double-standard approach toward Iran and would rather opt for logic and wisdom.

Larijani rejected the claim made by the US president that Iran had been forced to negotiate with the West over its nuclear program under the pressure of sanctions as false imagination.

The Majlis speaker criticized the US administration for language of intimidation and said that a lot of regional problems would have been solved if Obama had opted for language of logic and wisdom instead of the notorious term of ''all the options are on the table".

Iran believes that the dispute over the Iranian nuclear program can be solved through political dialogue, but, the Western leaders attempted to divert the world public opinion for political objectives, the speaker said.

Larijani made it clear that Iran’s presence at the negotiating table does not mean that a way has been opened for them to pursue their illegitimate demands and avarice.

On the upcoming international conference on Syria and preference of certain Western states to see Iran's absence from the conference, Larijani said that Iran does not insist on participation and if the Western governments think they can solve the humanitarian crisis in Syria by themselves, they are free to do so.

He said that the Western governments didn’t invite Iran to the previous conference on Syria held in Geneva which brought a failure for them.