Oct 30, 2013, 8:49 AM
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Official: Will to implement Security agreement lacking in Pakistan

Tehran, Oct 30, IRNA – Anti-Narcotics Police chief said on Wednesday unfortunately sufficient commitment to implement the reached security agreements with Pakistan the way they should is lacking.

Brigadier General Ali Moayyedi expressing regret over the Friday night terrorist attack at Iran-Pakistan border, told IRNA that Iran is faced with difficulties in efforts aimed at implementing the commitments in reached agreements with Pakistan, particularly in case of the presence of international drug lords in Pakistan.

He said that the Pakistani side of that country’s border with Iran has become a safe haven for the international traffickers , adding, “Campaign against the traffickers has been a demand of the Islamic Republic of Iran ever since remote years in the past.

The police chief said that Pakistan-Afghanistan border is the best route for trafficking the narcotics produced in Afghanistan, as there is no type of state governance in that region, which is ruled in a totally tribal way.

He said that the other privilege of that region for the smugglers is access to the free waters, adding, “Due to the obstacles that Iran has constructed at Iran-Afghanistan border the traffickers have selected the Pakistan route.”

Moayyedi added, “During the course of the present (Iranian) year (started on March 20, 2013), we have seen a 20% increase in efforts aimed at entering narcotic drugs into Iran, 80% of which has of occurs been through the county’s free waters.”

He said that during the course of the past decade Iran strengthened its border guards and managed to decrease the bandits’ activities on the border line to minimum.

He added, “The recent (terrorist) move proves that our measures in border regions have been successful and we have managed to block the path of the traffickers effectively.”

The anti-narcotics police chief said that the occurrence of the attack at the zero point of the border is the greatest success for the police forces, because they have not managed to infiltrate into the depth of the country.

14 Iranian border guards were killed and 6 more were injured during the terrorist attack by outlaws in Saravan border region in Southeastern Iran in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The terrorists who have reportedly been members of the outlawed Jeish Al-Adl radical Sunni Wahhabi movement fled into Pakistan after the operation in Iran's Southeastern Sistan and Balouchestan province.

Sunni Friday prayer leaders, seminary professors, religious and tribal leaders in Iranshahr County, Sistan and Baluchestan Province slammed a terror attack in Saravan slammed the recent attack by Pakistani-based terrorist group calling that an ungallant move by puppets of world arrogant powers.

Part of a message reads,” Such moves are brainchildren of the enemies to prevent development in the region and a hostile effort to divide Shi’a and Sunni.”

People in these messages demanded authorities for an immediate probe into the incident which led to martyrdom of 14 border guards.

Funeral ceremony of the victims has been underway in different cities across Iran where the guards had been deployed from.