Oct 30, 2013, 7:17 AM
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South Pars 2nd Refinery  ready to use at maximum production level

Bushehr, Oct 30, IRNA – Overhaul process of the 2nd Refinery of South Pars gas field , inclusive of over 2,000 basic repairs, is complete and the refinery is ready for production at maximum capacity level, its maintenance and repairs manager said.

“Full-scale repairs and overhauling process of the gas refinery, including inspections of its entire devices, repairs and replacements, and preemptive measures aimed at making dead sure about achieving A-OK results and ensuing long-term functioning at maximum production level, is now complete,” Engineer Ali-Reza Sheibani Tazarji said on Tuesday.

He added, “The repairs and maintenance of such facilities requires full-scale repairs in certain time spans, which necessitates halting production, and regular inspections and repairs of the defective devices without needing to halt the production process most of the time.”

Sheibani-Tazarji added that due to such conditions during the course of this refinery there were cases that relying on many preparations in advance, a series of certain devices were inspected simultaneously, repaired all at the same time, and put back to test-use altogether.”

He said that the full repairs process of the 2nd Refinery was initially scheduled to take place from August 13 to September 29 for 48 days, in whose process 28 days was allocated to the refinery’s phase 3, 28 days to phase 2, and eight days to total synchronizing of devices (Total SD) of the two phases.

The overhaul period for the gas processing plants in Iran will be considerably reduced this year, he said.

He went on to say that, the overhaul period would come down by 10 percent due to improved potentials at the country's gas industry.

The South Pars Gas Complex consisting of seven gas refineries produces 200 million cubic meters of gas per day (at its peak) and supplies 40 percent of the country’s gas consumption, so non-stop production at the complex is very important.

Stating that the overall time period for the repair and service of the gas refining facilities reduced 10 percent in the last Iranian calendar year as compared to the previous year, he said that this year will mark another 10 percent reduction for the overhaul period.

'Last year 146 billion cubic meters of processed gas were injected to the gas pipelines of the country and the figure will surge by six percent this year', he noted.

On production of gas derivates at the South Pars Gas Complex, he said that 22 million cubic meters of gas condensate, 920 thousand tons of sulfur and 252 thousand metric tons of LPG were produced last year by the complex, showing a significant increase compared with last year.

'Gas condensate, sulfur and LPG production increased by 16, 7 and 22 percent respectively in comparison to a year earlier', he added.