Oct 28, 2013, 5:17 PM
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Araqchi meets IAEA chief

Vienna, Oct 28, IRNA – Deputy Foreign Minister Abbas Araqchi held talks with Director-General of UN nuclear agency Yukiya Amano on Monday afternoon to work out a structured plan to resolve the outstanding issues.

Earlier in the day, Araqchi who is also a member of Iranian negotiating team with Group 5+1 arrived in Vienna, Austria, to hold talks with the International Atomic Energy Agency chief on the nuclear dispute.

Iran says it has worked with the UN agency to resolve the outstanding issues as per a modality plan it signed with IAEA under former director-general Mohamed Elbaradei and he issued a clean health bill after implementation of the modality plan.

IAEA says it needs to inspect Parchin military site, but, Iran said that the IAEA has exercised inspection on the site and taken environmental samples from Parchin in line with the modality plan and IAEA must not prolong the dispute forever.

The IAEA has verified non-diversion of Iranian nuclear program from the civilian path under ElBaradei after inspection to Parchin and the agency''s insistence on re-inspection needs a guarantee from the agency that it will not repeat the request forever.

Araqchi will brief Amano on Iranian latest talks with the Group 5+1.

According to diplomats here, Araqchi-Amano meeting would be highly significant regarding the Iranian diplomat’s key role in the talks with the sextet (the US, Britain, Russia, France and China plus Germany).

Prior to his visit to Vienna, Araqchi referred to the new approach by Iran and the G5+1 during their latest round of talks in Geneva on October 15-16 where the Iranian and the sextet representatives held serious talks.

The Iranian deputy foreign minister expressed hope that Iran and the IAEA would also remove their remaining ambiguities soon by adopting a new approach which would be based on goodwill and focus on their future cooperation on Non-Proliferation Treaty and the IAEA Safeguards Agreement as well as making the world free from nuclear weapons.