Oct 23, 2013, 3:31 PM
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Iran-US ties to eliminate Zionist regime: columnist

Islamabad, Oct 23, IRNA – A senior Pakistani columnist has said that any compromise between Iran and US is against the interest of the Zionist regime and could eliminate illegitimate state.

Talking to IRNA Zamurd Naqvi, said that Zionist regime is worried about settling of disputes between Iran and West that is why Benjamin Netanyahu is making all out efforts to stop US from entering into any compromise with the Islamic Republic.

He, however, said the Zionist regime has failed to accomplish its evil designs against the Islamic Republic, adding that the Zionist regime doesn’t want to see a peaceful Middle East because it will not serve its objectives.

The columnist expressing his views said that the EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton has told media that Iran and 5+1 talks are moving forward in a right direction. He added that change in western attitude towards Iran is the diplomatic success of the Islamic Republic.

He reiterated that any compromise between Iran and US would change the scenario of Middle East.

Expressing his views the analyst said that after failure in Syria, Washington has decided to change its approach towards Iran. He added the US has realized that the government of Syria cannot be replaced by the terrorists of al-Qaeda as it will place the whole world in a dangerous situation.

He said the Syrian government was punished for resisting American aggressive policies in the region.

He strongly believed that the phone call by US President Barack Obama to Iranian President Hassan Rohani means the elimination of Zionist regime.

Naqvi, was of the view that US has been engineering different plots to destabilize the Islamic Revolution but has failed to do so. He stressed that ultimately US accepted Iran’s role in the region which is a good sign.

He stressed that Iran is a major regional state and peace cannot be restored to the area without its assistance.

The analyst said that some Arab states are not happy with the US-Iran ties. “This would be the worst nightmare for some Arab states,” he said. The columnist went on to say that US wants to pull out its forces from the Middle East.

Naqvi said that Iran must remain vigilant against American moves because US cannot be trusted.

He said that western states must lift sanctions against Iran and stop pursuing the policy of double standards towards the Islamic Republic.