Zarif says western governments must not contemplate Iran to overlook nuclear rights

Tehran, Oct 6, IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said on Monday that the western governments must not contemplate Iran to overlook its nuclear rights, because, Iran has attained nuclear science and technology and the knowledge and capability of Iranian scientists can not be limited.

Zarif made the remark in an address to the joint meeting of Tehran-based Institute for the International and Political Studies and the European Council on Foreign Relations.

Zarif said continuous crises in the Middle East are the result of geopolitical competitions which blocked the way for issues as nuclear dispute and the Syrian crisis to bear fruit favorably.

On nuclear issue, Zarif said the measures the US and Europe have taken thus far to stop Iran's nuclear activities have had no result but leading to progress of the country's nuclear technology.

"For the time being, the western governments have led Iran to the conclusion that the nuclear dispute should be settled soon."

"That's a crisis which has been stirred by certain players in the region and is a cover to justify their short-term and strategic goals in the region."

He noted that reaching agreement is the only solution to get rid of the fabricated crisis.

Elsewhere in his address, Zarif said the negotiating parties should understand the reality concerning Iran nuclear issue.

"The situation is different from that in the past 10 years and that they can not make recourse to the past ones."

Zarif made clear that the talks have gone to the direction that Europe can play a serious and outstanding role to strike a balance between the negotiating parties and Iran and fulfillment of the role is not only of high significance to Iran but for Europe and its international standing.

He then touched on Iraq developments and said the issue should be taken seriously to know from where the crisis has started and how it has expanded.

He said it should be taken into consideration which forces in the region have supported Daesh and why those in Europe having joined the group.

"Without noting the issues one can not find a permanent solution to the crisis."

Zarif said that in absence of direct assistance of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Baghdad would have fallen in the early days.

Through logistical support and consultations of the military advisors, Iran tried to make Iraqi forces powerful to thwart menaces of Daesh.