Sep 9, 2014, 1:41 PM
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Larijani: No need to create Iranian "empire"

Tehran, Sept 9, IRNA – Speaker of Parliament (Majlis) on Tuesday rejected recent anti-Iran comments by the American politician Henry Kissinger saying Iran has no reason "to create an empire or a puppet government".

Addressing an international conference on Palestine here, Larijani referred to Kissinger's words as "mischievous statement made by a fan of Zionists".

Kissinger, 91, claimed that Iran "is a bigger problem than ISIS" terrorist group.

"As Iran has a stronger footing in the Middle East, it has a greater opportunity to create an empire," the former US secretary of state said in an interview with the US National Public Radio (NPR) which was released on September 6 (Saturday).

Criticizing Kissinger's words, Larijani said "Westerners are afraid of Daesh advantures in Iraq and Syria.

"They (Westerners) could not accept that the terrorists of Daesh can someday be a threat against them but now they are fearful."

Referring to Iran's rich history and ancient civilization, Larijani said Iran is the main obstacle on the way of West as the country has a deep influence on other regional states thanks to its ancient civilization.

"What is the reason for Iran to be after creating an empire. The Islamic Revolution and its ideology have acted against empire. These mischievous words can only be made by a fan of the Zionists," said the speaker.

He stressed that the Islamic Revolution was "made to unite Muslims".

However, Larijani added, "It is true that the Islamic Revolution seeks to brighten public opinion of Muslims to prevent them from being deceived by West, but it (Islamic Revolution) is not after creating an empire. We need no puppet government."

"We want to be brothers and are not after any puppet government in the Persian Gulf or in the Middle East regions."

"Iran seeks brotherhood and Islamic awakening. That is why it helps Hamas and the Palestinian Resistance not just by conferences but in practice and we are proud of it," said the speaker.

He strressed, "We pay the cost of putting an end to the influence of Zionism in the region."

Larijani said Iranian officials have learnt from Father of the Islamic Revolution the late Imam Khomeini that "We have a greater mission and are not playing in the chessboard of the enemy."

Larijani expressed the hope that the International conference of Islamic Ulema to Voice Support for the Palestinian Resistance Movement would have positive outcome for the Islamic world.

The two-day conference which began here Tuesday morning has been organized by World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought.

Iranian high-ranking officials, Palestinian activists and Muslim scholars from across the world are attending the event.

Secretary General of the Islamic Jihad Movement Ramezan Abdullah is also present in the conference.