Aug 27, 2014, 5:56 PM
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Supreme Leader lauds achievements of President Rouhani government

Tehran, Aug 27, IRNA – Supreme Leader of Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei on Wednesday appreciated achievements of President Hassan Rouhani's government over the past one year.

The Supreme Leader made the remarks in a meeting with the president and members of the cabinet to mark the Government Week (August 24-30).

Ayatollah Khamenei said that the current mental and spritual peace in society, inflation control, stabilization of forex exchange rate and implementation of the plan to develop public health services have been among valuable and good performance of the government in the past one year.

The Supreme Leader advsied all statesmen to preserve and strengthen revolutionary spirit and the revolutionary approach, rely on domestic production and capacity, careful enforcement of the resistance economy, special attention to the agriculture and processing industries at rural areas, take growth in science and technology seriously, promotion of the knowledge-based enterprises, explicit stand about the regional and global issues, especially the US interferences, maintenance of national solidarity, observing red lines and distancing from the sedition about the second term of former chief executive Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and self-restraint and calm towards fair criticisms.

The Supreme Leader honored memory of Iran ex-president martyr Mohammad-Ali Rajaee and ex-prime minister martyr Mohammad-Javad Bahonar.

"All of us should as officials of the system maintain revolutionary spirit and move in line with the aspirations of the Islamic Revolution to be rewarded by the divine blessings."

The Supreme Leader said the achievements of the government should be publicized so that people will get informed to get aware of the future works and programs.

The Supreme Leader said offering report on the performance will make people optimistic with the future.

"Of course, one should be careful the statistics in the reports are careful and free from exaggeration."

The Supreme Leader said that one of the blessings of changing of governments and taking office of new governments with new plans is to bring hope to the people.

"The hope should be preserved and promoted in the hearts of people and one of the ways to strengthen it is making the public opinion informed of the works done."

The Supreme Leader emphasized that of course, the hope in the public will not be strengthened only through presentation of report, rather, the people consider the action and whether the words are translated into concrete actions.

Ayatollah Khamenei then provided the government with counts of key recommendations -- work hard and render service for the public and avoid to go to margins. Maintaining internal cohesion to get the people hear a signle voice from the government.

"One should be careful there is no contradiction in speeches of government officials and the philosophy of determining the spokesperson is the same: Hearing single voice from government on various issues."

The third recommendation was avoiding bipolarism with political disputes and slogans.

"There is no problem with political blocs; however, society should not be turned into two poles because it would result in dismay and fatigue of the public and fragility of the social environment."

The fourth advice of the Supreme Leader was getting government free from the political blocs.

"The interest of members of government in certain political wings does not matter, but, the government and its members should not become captives of the political blocs."

As for political affiliations, emphasis should always be placed on friendship and communion with each other but on certain occasions the problem is different and the red lines and distancing lines should be definitely observed.

"The issue of sedition and seditionists are important and the red lines and the ministers should – as they promised in their confidence vote session to keep distance."

The fifth advice of the Supreme Leader was to exercise self-restraint and peace in the face of fair criticisms. "Mr President is unhappy with certain criticisms; of course, on certain occasions he is really right and certain criticisms are tough and sometimes unfair."

Ayatollah Khamenei said a person does not need to reply to any notion or criticism because on certain occasions silence is better, while the fact is that anything spoken against us would not definitely influence the public opinion in the society or be accepted."

The Supreme Leader underlined that criticism should exist but criticism should be in good and fair voice and the goal should not be defaming or downgrading the other party, the method is really wrong.

Ayatollah Khamenei said reply to criticisms should be both logical and in peace.

Underlining that fair criticism is not enmity rather a help to the government, the Supreme Leader said one of the very important issues now is the existing mental peace of the society which should be preserved.

The sixth recommendation of the Supreme Leader was maintaining fairness against criticisms of former governments.

"Governments have always been critical of their predecessors. It does not matter, but, the weakpoints should not be exaggerated or criticism should not be destructive because it would affect public opinion and make the people unsure of the future as well."

Taking explicit and strong stance about the regional and international issues was the seventh proposal of the Supreme Leader to the president and his cabinet.

Calling government stances in the past one year "good", the Supreme Leader said, "The explicit and strong stances vis-à-vis such issues as Palestine, the Zionist regime, Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Takfiris and the US intervention will be in favor of the Islamic Republic and is not in contradiction with the language of diplomacy and talks."

The next advices of the Supreme Leader to the government were mainly concerning economy.

Special attention to the mining sector and value-added and job creation was the 12th recommendation of the Supreme Leader to the government, while referring to damage caused by excessive harms of imports and its negative impact on domestic production as the 13th recommendation.

Imports can not be solved only through tariffs, said the Paramount Leader, adding, government should be tough with unnecessary and luxurious goods imports and enforce power.

The 14th advice of the Supreme Leader was concerning agricultural water. The grand Ayatollah confirmed the policies of the energy ministry on water and said one of the serious solution to the water problem of the country is saving consumption of the agricultural water through applying modern irrigation methods, especially irrigation under pressure.

Full commissioning of the Mehr Housing project was the 15th and last recommendation of the Supreme Leader.

"If opposition is made possible to the principle of the Mehr Housing Project and/or way of injecting banking credits to it, we should know that if several million people have pinned hope on completion of the Mehr Housing Project it should be seriously followed up and completed."

The Supreme Leader advised members of the 11th government.

"Rely on God and trust the Almighty. If you are hopeful of divine assistance, surely the God will help you and know this fact also that you success is success and prosperity of the Islamic Republic."