Jul 28, 2014, 4:42 PM
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NAM FMs to convene in Tehran for emergency meeting on Gaza

Tehran, July 28, IRNA – Foreign ministers of the Palestine Committee of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) will convene in Tehran for an emergency meeting next week to discuss Zionist regime's aggressions and lifting the arbitrary siege on Gaza.

Iran, the current leader of Non-Aligned Movement, expressed outrage at disproportionate bombardment of civilian targets in Gaza from the air, land and the sea and blamed the international tribunals - the International Court of Justice in The Hague and the International Criminal Court for negligence in the past 10 years vis-a-vis the crimes against humanity perpetrated eight times by the Israeli leaders.

Vice-President for Legal Affairs Elham Aminzadeh said that the international tribunals must fulfill their responsibility to bring to justice the Israeli leaders for the eight massacres and war crimes they committed in Gaza since 2005.

Iran criticized the Arab and Muslim governments for keeping silent toward the human tragedy in Gaza over he past 20 days since July 8.

Iran has taken up an active diplomacy to end Zionist regime's invasions on Gazans, which have left more than 1,000 civilians killed and close to 6,000 injured.

More than one fourth of the victims were children below the age of 12.

The Zionist merciless attacks sparked wrath of Muslim and non-Muslim nations and the UN issued many resolutions to that effect.

Hamas and Israeli regime have been in skirmishes since July 8 and the world people have since then been witnessing heinous human catastrophe.

The murder of women, children and the elderly, and civilians in general and widescale leveling of houses to the ground and maiming thousands of people were the result of the savage attacks of the Zionist regime.

UN envoys of the member states of the NAM Palestine Committee have already held an emergency meeting on Gaza at the UN headquarters in New York, following a call by the Iran’s ambassador to the UN.

The upcoming one-day emergency meeting in Tehran aims to devise the necessary plans to alleviate sufferings of innocent people of Gaza, Iranian Foreign Ministry’s official website reported.

Algeria, Bangladesh, Cuba, Egypt, India, Senegal, South Africa, Zambia, Palestine, Zimbabwe, Indonesia and Malaysia comprise the member states of the Palestine Committee of the Non-Aligned Movement.

Over the past 10 days, urgent meetings and intensive talks have been held in New York to examine how the NAM could help end the human tragedy in the Gaza Strip.