Iran calls for heeding public demand of lifting Gaza siege in setting up truce

Tehran, July 27, IRNA – Foreign Minister Mohammad-Javad Zarif said on Sunday that public demand of lifting siege on Gaza should be heeded in setting up truce.

Talking to the UN Chief Ban Ki-moon, Zarif outlined the critical situation in Gaza and widescale crimes of the Zionist regime massacring the Palestinian women and children and said any ceasefire must guarantee the demand of Gaza people, especially removal of the siege on Gaza.

He criticized the UN for not taking serious action to stop Israeli crimes against humanity and said that the UN fact-finding committee is required to look into dimensions of the Zionist regime's war crimes.

He underlined international cooperation for immediate shipment of food and medical supplies to Gaza.

Ban for his part said that as the UN chief, he would do his best to establish lasting ceasefire in Gaza and lift the siege on Gaza and deal with the human tragedy in Gaza.