Jul 27, 2014, 5:13 PM
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Strategies to remove barriers to communication

Tehran, July 27, IRNA -- Communication barriers between parents and children vary from one family to another, but every parent is confronted with the issue at some stage of life.

Monday edition of the English language newspaper Iran Daily quoted Mohammad Zare’ Neyestanak, a psychiatrist, as saying the use of effective strategies helps remove communication barriers.

He noted that members of a family should discuss each problem in a separate meeting, adding that they should listen to each other and understand each other's ways of thinking.

“Prior to the beginning of each debate, all members of a family should write down all probable questions and answers honestly and fairly, and read them aloud,” he said.

Neyestanak also said such questions will help them not only exchange important information, but will also lead to pleasant and happy times together.

He noted that all members of a family should set aside a special time to participate in such meetings and connect with each other.

The psychiatrist said the time of each meeting should be limited, stressing that no decision should be taken by someone who is experiencing anger and frustration.

“Each member of a family should accept responsibility for a part of each problem,” he said, pointing out that no one should bring up past problems.

Neyestanak said those who use communication skills but fail to solve the problems of their families should seek a psychiatrist’s assistance.

There are some misconceptions about the definition of a family, which includes individuals who are related biologically, legally, or through marriage-like commitments and who nurture and control each other.

Compromise is imperative in families. Each family member's needs cannot be met all the time. This means that you have to make compromises to meet the needs of others.

Remember that compromising does not mean that you've lost and another family member has won, but that you have created a new solution.

You should also build good communication skills within the family unit by listening to a family member and repeating what you heard.