Professors of Media and Communications express indignation at Israeli crimes against humanity in Gaza

Tehran, July 26, IRNA -- Iranian University professors teaching media and communications on Saturday expressed indignation at Israeli crimes against humanity, calling on the International Criminal Court to bring the Israeli leaders to justice for the war crimes they perpetrated in Gaza since July 8.

Issuing a statement, the university professors of Iran and the Region specialized in media and communications technology, said that the Israeli leaders are invloved in ethnic cleansing by deliberate attacks on the civilian targets even on the schools to shelter the fleeing Palestinians and the UN Relief and Works Agency had declared the UN-run shelters beforehand.

"Genocidal massacre of Palestinians, especially the innocent children and defenseless Gazan civilians is a painful tragedy and a clear violation of human rights.

"The new wave of Zionist regime’s atrocities is occurring in front of the news media cameras before the very eyes of people around the world.

"This comes as the western and some regional media have either kept silent or covered the news in a biased way.

"Hereby, the Media and Communications professors of Universities across Iran and the region strongly condemn the brutal crimes of the Zionist regime and also the biased coverage of its news by some media.

"They also express their full support for the oppressed people of Palestine. The universality professors took part in international Quds Day rally, which is a legacy of the late Imam Khomeini and a symbol to unify the Muslim World.

"Meanwhile, they call on the international community to inquire into the culpability of the Israeli leaders ordering disproportionate bombardment of the civilian targets from the air, land and the sea and the heinous crimes they committed in Gaza to ensure protection for the Palestinian people."