Jul 26, 2014, 12:13 PM
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Iranians produce Pd/C catalyst

Tehran, July 26, IRNA - Palladium on carbon (Pd/C) catalyst has been made in the Materials and Energy Research Center in Karaj, Alborz province.

The catalyst is used in producing pyridine for construction of dye-sensitized solar cells.

Mahmoud Kazemzad, the lead researcher, explained that dye-sensitized solar cell is based on a semiconductor formed between a photo-sensitized anode and an electrolyte, a photoelectrochemical system, adding that the semiconductors of the solar cells are usually made of titanium dioxide, said Saturday's edition of 'Iran Daily'.

A dye-sensitized solar cell is a low-cost solar cell belonging to the group of thin film solar cells.

Such solar cell has a number of attractive features. It is simple to make using conventional roll-printing techniques, is semi-flexible and semi-transparent which offers a variety of uses not applicable to glass-based systems, and most of the materials used are low-cost.