World Quds Day demonstrators term Zionist regime crimes in Gaza as war crime, genocide

Tehran, July 25, IRNA – Participants in World Quds Rallies here on Friday termed savage crimes of the Zionist regime against the defenseless people in Gaza as war crimes and a case of genocide.

In a statement issued at the end of the nationwide rallies, demonstrators condemned the brutal assaults of the Zionist regime against the Muslims Palestinian nation especially innocent women and defenseless children.

They called on world bodies active in human rights as well as the member states of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation and other similar institutions to stop adopting impartial and ineffective positions and take strong and practical measures to condemn Zionist regime crimes and punish those behind the crimes as war criminals.

The statement underlined that the Iranian Muslim nation regarded unity, convergence and solidarity among Palestinian groups as the most important factors in attaining the ultimate goal of liberating the Holy Quds and pushing back occupiers from the holy land of Palestine.

It expressed happiness over the recent achievements of Fatah and Hamas and said Iran expected them not to lose this strategic opportunity to reinforce resistance front against Zionists by yielding to the devilish demands of the Zionist regime.