Jul 24, 2014, 2:45 PM
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General population policies announced

Tehran, July 24, IRNA - First Vice President Esh’aq Jahangiri informed relevant authorities of general policies for population growth.

Jahangiri addressed five ministers and two deputy ministers in separate letters, assigning them the tasks for ensuring population growth.

The ministries were invited to propose timelines, clear and precise initiatives and, if needed, seek the collaboration of other entities and organizations for the immediate implementation of the policies.

Sections of the policies are as follows:

The Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance was assigned with promoting and institutionalizing Iranian-Islamic lifestyle and confronting Western style of living.

The Ministry of Health and Medical Education was assigned the task of increasing fertility rate and providing treatment to infertile couples to promote a younger, more productive and dynamic population. The ministry is also required to work towards increasing life expectancy by improving access to healthy diet and preventing social vulnerabilities, particularly addiction. Prevention of fatal accidents, environmental pollutions and diseases are also among the responsibilities of the ministry.

The Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare was urged to promote working-age population empowerment. The ministry has been asked to improve training and educational systems to ensure more job opportunities. The letter mentions that vocational training can help train skilled workers and lead to a rise in employment rate.

The Interior Ministry has also been asked to help reduce migration from rural areas to large cities. Certain geographical locations including coastal regions, particularly Persian Gulf Islands, coastal cities near the Persian Gulf, and border cities have been described as more sensitive in terms of population density. The ministry is expected to improve infrastructures, and support investments in the mentioned areas.

The ministry has also been tasked with supporting Iranian expatriates to invest in less developed areas to create jobs and prevent migration. The ministry has also been urged to promote national, religious and revolutionary identities.

The Ministry of Education has also been called on to teach skills of life and ways of good communication to students. The ministry has been required to provide counseling on fields such as childbearing, and fertility health.

President’s Office for Planning and Strategic Supervision has been assigned with numerous tasks including facilitation of marriage and childbearing. The office has been asked to improve livelihood of youths to help them tie the knot at younger ages.