Jul 23, 2014, 6:06 PM
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Tehran, July 23, IRNA -- The English language paper Iran Daily in its Press Panorama column to be published on Thursday has reviewed several Persian newspapers:

Crushing response to anti-reformist smear campaigns

Ebtekar: Certain domestic elements and bodies seek to fish in troubled waters following the ongoing calamity in Gaza Strip.

Not only the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), but anti reformist media have also been involved in smear campaigns against reformist outlets.

They have no scruples about maligning the reformists to achieve their own objectives.

Such elements and groups should keep some points in mind.

Media are obliged to broadcast news from responsible sources, and inform their audience about the latest developments in the world. Readers do not read papers to cry for Palestinians, they buy papers to get informed of the crimes committed against the defenseless Gaza people.

Abusing ongoing crisis in Gaza in favor of factional interests is aimed at sowing the seeds of discord.

Undoubtedly, detractors will fail to tarnish the image of reformists and ultimately disgrace themselves.

Conservative outlets accuse reformist media of not paying full attention to the ongoing disaster in Gaza.

Shajarian can hold concerts in Iran

Arman: A senior culture ministry official said the renowned Iranian vocalist, Mohammad Reza Shajarian, can hold concerts in Iran.

Shajarian, who drew the ire of conservatives following his outspoken criticism of ex-president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, was barred from holding concerts.

Pirouz Arjomand, head of the Culture Ministry’s Music Department, said Shajarian can apply for staging concerts.

Arjomand added that a council in the ministry studies requests for concerts and issues permits to qualified individuals or choirs in less than a week.

Quds Day, reformists and Israel crimes

Resalat: Although the world media have covered atrocities perpetrated by Israel on their first pages, domestic reformist papers have turned a blind eye to the outrageous crimes.

Reformist affiliates who chanted anti-Palestinian slogans following the June 2009 presidential election, have adopted a passive role regarding the humanitarian disaster in Gaza.

Certain domestic elements help the West implement its ‘insidious threats’ against the Islamic Republic by such anti-Palestinian stances.

However, a large number of Iranians will take to the streets on Quds Day (the last Friday in the lunar month of Ramadan) in support of the defenseless Palestinians.

Moral victory of Hamas

Sharq: Israel is exploring ways to declare a cease-fire with the Palestinians, said a well known political analyst.

Sadeq Zibakalam said the brutal regime, which has been disgraced following its vicious attacks on Gaza Strip, resorts to desperate measures to achieve a face-saving way out of the crisis.

“The Tel Aviv regime attacked Gaza under the illusion that Palestinians would give in to the pressure of air offensives,” he said.

“However, such sinister plots were foiled by the heroic resistance of the Palestinians."

Zibakalam said air strikes not only failed to bring Palestinians to their knees, but emboldened them to launch rockets into Israel.

He noted the Israelis had thought that the Palestinians would build on pressure on Hamas to halt its counter-attacks, but such an imagination has struck a serious blow to the totalitarian regime.

Zibakalam, a Tehran University lecturer, said despite a large number of victims, the popularity of Hamas has grown beyond expectations.

Continuation of policies implemented in the 90s

Vatan-e Emrouz: The conservative daily criticized President Hassan Rouhani’s government for “pursuing economic policies that ex-president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani implemented during his tenure (1989-97).”

A package put forward by Rouhani’s administration to combat recession looks like “a report on economy”.

The government has failed to identify the root causes of the economic problems in its package.

Iran’s economy is grappling with elements and bodies that have a lot of clout in the country’s political and economic system, but the report has turned a blind eye to such an important factor.

The package insists that stabilizing foreign currencies will boost imports, leading to unfettered consumption of foreign commodities.

Such an approach is illogical because during ex-president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s tenure, the appreciation of foreign currencies against the Iranian currency, the rial, increased the import of luxury goods.

It shows that non-economic factors have an adverse impact on Iran’s economy.

The package has failed to shed light on such factors.

It also stipulates that unregulated consumption of special commodities is linked to imports, while it originates from mismanagement in spending oil-based revenues.

The administration has given a green light to a hike in prices, which will undermine the economic stamina of the poor, the daily claimed.