Jul 23, 2014, 5:45 PM
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Families adopt 1,200 children annually

Tehran, July 23, IRNA -- Between 1,000 and 1,200 orphans and children without parents are adopted by Iranian families each year, said the director general of State Welfare Organization’ (SWO) Office for Children and Teenagers Affairs.

Hamid Reza Alvand said as per the Law on Supporting Orphans and Children With Problematic Parents, the guardianship of children with problematic parents can be handed over to adopted families based on the recommendation of SWO experts.

He said 13,500 kids without parents have so far been adopted by Iranian families, adding more than 87 percent of the children under the care of SWO have problematic parents.

The organization, he said, tries to give the guardianship of all children, supported by the organization, to families who are willing to adopt them. The number of children placed in SWO’s care annually is equal to those adopted by families, he noted.

Alvand said the number of applications for adopting such children has recently increased, adding a rise in marriage age of youth, especially girls, as well as a change in the attitude of couples on child adoption are the main reasons for the increase.

He said that on average 7.5 applications for adoption are made for each child covered by SWO, adding the figure for Tehran is 11.

Alvand said earlier more than 1,100 orphans were adopted by Iranian families in the past Iranian year (ended March 20).

He said the number of children, taken care of by SWO, grows by two percent annually.