Shamkhani: Swift spread of terrorism stems from West's miscalculation

Tehran, July 23, IRNA – Secretary of Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said on Wednesday that growing trend of terrorism and fears that terrorists may return to western countries are the results of miscalculations about spread of terrorism in Syria.

Shamkhani told Speaker of Syrian People's Assembly, Mohammad Jihad al-Laham that undoubtedly, the warmongers will be the main victims of the inferno they cause.

He said massive participation of the Syrian people in presidential election is a clear sign of their opposition to foreign interferences, terrorism and extremist approaches.

He went on to say Syrian leaders' declaration of general amnesty is praiseworthy, falling in line with the country's successes in military and political spheres.

He also praised the Syrian president for his condemnation of the Zionist regime's crimes in Gaza and his support for resistance of the oppressed Palestinian people.

He went on to say that recent events in Gaza and certain countries' approach to it is a very good criteria for assessing the extent of their affiliation to domeneering powers.