Velayati deplores genocide, war crimes committed by Israeli leaders in Gaza

Tehran, July 23, IRNA -- Secretary General of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening Ali-Akbar Velayati said on Wednesday that the Zionist regime has committed genocide and war crimes in Gaza.

Speaking to reporters, he said according to international law and regulations any attack on hospitals is regarded as war crime and the International Criminal Court must bring the Israeli leaders to justice for the heinous crimes against humanity they perpetrated in Gaza since July 8.

Referring to the systematic crimes of the Zionists in the past three years against Palestinians, he said that the Zionist occupiers are pursuing ethnic cleansing in Gaza.

Laying blockade on Gaza and massacre of innocent people by disproportionate bombardment of the civilian targets from the air, land and the sea which is now underway under supervision of global arrogance is considered as direct approach of the Zionist regime, he said.

He said that the Israeli leaders are involved in bringing up Daesh terror group and supporting other terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq as their indirect approach.

He expressed surprise that the so-called pro-Islam terrorist group has nothing to do except for killing the Muslims.

The US and the governments supporting them are accountable for the crimes perpetrated by the terrorist groups, Velayati said.

History is a good evidence that the 33-day war with Hizbollah, 22-day in Gaza and eight-day with the resistance movement were doomed and the current war will bring them another defeat, he said.

He said that the Israeli leaders must understand that Israel is an occupying entity and the Palestinians are involved in legitimate campaign to liberate their motherland.

Referring to the brave resistance of people in Gaza vis-a-vis the crimes of the Zionist regime, he said the victory of Palestinians has roots in their resistance and they havealready proved in first and second Intifada as well as battles in south of Lebanon.

On dispatch of humanitarian relief aid to Gaza, he said that no Muslim country has been allowed to render emergency supplies to Gaza.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has always backed all Muslims no matter Sunni or Shia, he said.

Recent crimes and atrocities of the Zionist regime urges world Muslim to play a much more active role in this year's Qods Day, he said.

Velayati said that supporting the Islamic awakening and legitimate rights of Muslims is main principle of Islamic awakening in Palestine and Gaza.

"As the secretary-general of the World Assembly of Islamic Awakening, I express indignation at the Israeli war crimes and fully back Palestinian people, he said."

It is expected that the Egyptian government to open Rafah crossing as the oppressed people in Gaza are in dire need of medical and food supplies, he said.

Unfortunately all witnessed that UN secretary general acts as the Israeli spokesperson, he said adding that the UN secretary general went to Tel Aviv and addressed Palestinians that they should not defend themselves and avoid firing missiles.

Velayati said that the United Nations Secretary-General must acknowledge the legitimate campaign of the Palestinian resistance movement to liberate their motherland.

"When we compare the comments made by former UN secretary-generals to the present one it becomes evident that the latter never observes the dignity of his position and only repeats the US statements, he said.

UN secretary-general should be impartial and confess to realities that Israel is an occupying entity, he said.

It is responsibility of the UN to prepare the ground for shipment of humanitarian aid to the people blockaded in Gaza, he said.