Sudanese speaker urges int'l organizations to stop Israeli crimes in Gaza

Tehran, July 22, IRNA – Sudanese Parliament Speaker Fateh Ezzedin Mansour on Tuesday called on international organizations to take immediate action to stop Israeli crimes against humanity in Gaza Strip.

Mansour made the remarks in the emergency troika meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation to examine the humanitarian crisis underway in Gaza.

He said that Israeli leaders have perpetrated war crimes and genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

He said that the Israeli leaders must understand that Israel is an occupying entity and they must stand before the International Criminal Court for the war crimes they committed in Gaza against the Palestinians.

He criticized inaction of the international community towards the humanitarian plight in Gaza Strip, saying the international organizations have to make every effort to end the blatant breach of international laws by the occupying regime of Israel.

He said today's meeting echoes indignation of the the Islamic Ummah toward the occupying regime's violation of the war laws and breach of the international law by the Israeli leaders.

The Sudanese speaker, meanwhile, referred to difficulties caused by the Zionist regime for the people living in the besieged Gaza Strip. He said the Gazans are even deprived of the drinking water.

Mansour lashed out at certain Western leaders for trying to justify Israel's acts of aggression in Gaza and called for standing against the atrocities perpetrated by the Israeli leaders.

He called for reopening of Rafah crossing as well as an immediate ceasefire in order to be able to dispatch humanitarian supplies to Gaza and help the wounded.