Larijani urges Palestine parliament speaker to handle aid supplies to Gazans

Tehran, July 22, IRNA – Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani on Tuesday urged Palestinian parliament speaker to handle aid supplies to Gazan people.

Addressing the PUIC Troika meeting in Tehran, Larijani said shipment of medical supplies to Gaza is essential and the Tehran meeting should strive to devise a mechanism to send humanitarian aid to Gaza through the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Red Crescent Society (RCS).

He said, "We call on the Egyptian government to open ways, especially Rafah Crossing, for aid shipment to the oppressed people of Gaza so as to transfer humanitarian assistance to the war-torn citizens of the region.

"The PUIC should assign a representative to follow up the case and I propose the Palestine National Parliament Speaker to undertake the mission so as to send aid through other countries to Gaza."

He said "We also call on our governments to send their aid to Egypt for the purpose within 48 hours."