Jul 22, 2014, 7:28 PM
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Larijani: Zionist regime suffering from political distress

Tehran, July 22, IRNA – Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said on Tuesday that Zionist regime that faced successive military defeats in the past decade is suffering from political distress.

Larijani made the remarks to the emergency meeting of Inter-Parliamentary Union of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation in Tehran.

Zionist regime with the record of genocide and warmongering in its profile is now suffering from political disability after receipt of successive military defeats in the past decade, he said.

He said that the Israeli leaders must understand that Israel is an occupying entity

and that the war crimes cannot help them survive.

"Leaders of the fabricated regime resorted to create crisis in the Islamic countries to cover up their occupying entity."

The emergency meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation opened to examine the current humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

He said that the Zionist regime has attacked defenseless Palestinians with non-conventional arms which truly demonstrate the savage nature of the occupying regime.

In the holy month of Ramadan the Zionist regime committed crimes against humanity and war crimes by slaughtering the defenseless Palestinian people, he said.

The disproportionate bombardment of the civilian targets in Gaza from the air, land and the sea account for genocide and ethnic cleansing which run counter to international law and regulations and promote warmongering in the region, he said.

The Israeli military defeats in the 33-day and 22-day and eight days wars have brought them distress and unfortunately the disgraced regime has misused the current crisis in Islamic countries and committed new crimes, he said.

Larijani said that carnage of women and children in Gaza is part of their war crimes and violation of war laws the international community formulated during the history.

Much to our regret, the US and some Arab governments have closed their eyes to these crimes and support the brutal regime, he said.

35 years ago, the late Imam Khomeini on early days of triumph of the Islamic Revolution in Iran labeled the Zionist regime as a cancerous tumor, he said.

The late imam advised Muslims to forge unity to suppress the rogue and lawless regime, he said.

"We are pleased to witness that all groups who play active role in resistance in the region such as Hezbullah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and others have proven their competence in their struggle with the occupying entity," he said.

Resistance movement has captured the heart of Muslim youth and has increased the hope to victory, he said adding that the resistance movement has achieved a strategic victory and successfully changed equation to the benefit of Palestinians in Gaza.

The Inter-Parliamentary Union of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation shoulder a heavy responsibility as representative of Muslim nations and should render all type of supports to the oppressed people in Palestine, he said.

"We keep insisting on the Egyptian government to open Rafah border crossing for shipment of medical supplies and humanitarian aid for the tragedy-hit people of Gaza."

It is very regrettable that some Islamic sects have targeted their brothers instead of fighting against the enemies of Islam, he said adding that these ignorant groups help the US and Zionists.

He invited all parliament speakers and parliamentary delegations to adopt a unified stand to defend the legitimate rights of Palestinian nation and help mark the International Qods Day.