Iranian MPs urge Islamic Ummah to stop Israeli crimes against humanity in Gaza

Tehran, July 22, IRNA – The Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Commission issued a statement on Tuesday calling on the Islamic Ummah and Muslim countries to rally international campaign to stop Israeli crimes against humanity in Gaza Strip.

The statement said that the Israeli leaders perpetrated war crimes against the Palestinians enjoying support from leaders of hegemonist powers, including the United States and Britain.

It strongly criticized the inaction of international organizations towards the genocide underway in Gaza Strip and said that the International Criminal Court is obliged to bring to justice the Israeli leaders for the war crimes they committed in Gaza since July 8.

The statement lashed out at certain governments of the Islamic states for their negligence of the humanitarian plight underway in Gaza.

It said that instead of helping the oppressed people of Gaza against the Israeli aggression, those Islamic governments are supporting the terrorist groups to massacre Muslims in Iraq and Syria, a reference to Deash terror group, the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Meanwhile, the Iranian lawmakers called for massive turnout of the Iranian nation and all Muslim nations across the world on International Qods Day on Friday to show their opposition to Israeli crimes in the Gaza Strip and the inaction of international bodies towards what's going on to humanity in Gaza.