School students, Education Ministry staff gather in support of Gazans

Tehran, July 22, IRNA – A group of school students and the Education Ministry staff members gathered here on Tuesday to voice support for the defenseless people in Gaza.

The gathering took place in front of the United Nations office in Tehran.

The participants expressed sympathy with the defenseless people of Gaza and urged the UN as well as other international organizations to take necessary actions to defend civilians in Gaza.

They also issued a statement which was read to the public.

The statement stressed that the ruthless killing of Gaza people particularly the defenseless women and children just added another page to the dark history of the Zionist regime's crimes.

It said the heinous and non-human crimes committed by the Zionist regime endorse the brutal nature of the Zionist regime.

The statement further noted that the United Nations and the fake human rights supporters, especially the US, are shamelessly standing by Israel watching silently the crimes committed against the faithful people in the occupied Palestine.

The participants asserted that they will abide by the guidelines of the Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei in condemning the crimes of the forged regime of Israel and the support it receives from Washington.

They said the Zionist regime should be aware that its savage crimes in gaza will bring it nothing but dishonor to the eyes of the world people.