Iran using every chance to promote Islamic unity to support Gaza: expert

Tehran, July 22, IRNA – An Iranian Middle East expert said Tehran has always used every opportunity to make a concensus among the Islamic countries, the Non-Algined Movement and Islamic parliaments regarding the Palestinian issue.

Hossein Rouyvaran made the remarks while talking to IRNA here Tuesday simultaneously with the start of the Islamic Inter-Parliamentary Union troika which is to meet in Tehran today to discuss situation in Gaza.

He stressed that Iran has always tried to employ every chance to promote unity among different parts of the Islamic world.

He slammed the international community's silence over the Zionist regime's atrocities in Gaza and said the bullying powers offer all-out support for the Tel Aviv regime.

He said while the United Nations Security Council holds emergency meeting over crash of a passenger plane in Ukraine just hours after the incident, it failed to hold a similar session on the Zionists' missile attacks against the Palestinian nation.

The expert further stressed that Iran's hosting of a meeting on the Israeli crimes in Gaza indicates its sense of responsibility towards the Palestinian people.

the Islamic Inter-Parliamentary Union troika is to meet in Tehran today to discuss the situation in Gaza.

Several parliament speakers are to take part in the Tehran meeting which is set to explore ways of defending the Palestinian nation.

The troika meeting is to open in Sa'dabad Palace.

Parliament speakers of Iran, Sudan, Mali, Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Palestine along with a delegation from the Lebanese parliament have already voiced readiness to take part in the meeting.

MPs from Algeria, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Tunisia, Malaysia and Indonesia have also been invited to the one-day event.