Hamas calls on Iran to speak out to draw attention of International Criminal Court to Israeli war crimes in Gaza

Tehran, July 21, IRNA -- The Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) issued a statement on Monday calling on Iran to draw attention of the International Criminal Court to the Israeli war crimes in Gaza Strip by bombading civilian targets and massacre of the Palestinian youth and children.

The statement highlighted the depth of the human catastrophe underway in Gaza and said that the Israeli leaders have perpetrated crimes agauinst humanity in Gaza.

The statement said that the international organizations and the International Criminal Court must examine the extent of the Israeli crimes tageting the defenseless population from the air, the land and the sea.

The occupying regime has committed war crimes in Gaza Strip in one of the most heinous crimes and fiercely shell or bombard residential districts in Gaza, said the statement.

Slain bodies of innocent civilians are now scattered in the streets and the occupying forces target ambulances and aid workers and prevent transfer of martyrs or injured people to the nearby hospitals, it said.

The new crimes of the Zionist regime refresh the memories of their previous crimes in Deir Yassin and Sabra and Shatila once again revealing their inhuman nature more than ever, it said.

The statement said that Israeli leaders must understand that Israel is an occupying entity and stop massacre of the brave Palestinian fighters in their legitimate campaign to liberate their motherland.

They subjected the civilian targets to disproportionate bombardment from the air, the land and the sea, the statement said, calling on Iranian government to echo abhorrence of the Palestinian people to the international community over the Israeli leaders war crimes.