Jul 21, 2014, 11:43 AM
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CNG industry saves $30m

Tehran, July 21, IRNA - Iran’s $3 million investment in compressed natural gas (CNG) industry helped save $30 billion, said a National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company official.

Mansour Riahi, who is in charge of constructing CNG stations, added there are economic, technological, financial, functional and environmental justifications for the industry as it fetches great revenues, creates jobs and plays a leading role as a fuel resource.

The investment helped Iran stop importing million liters of gasoline, Iran Daily wrote Monday.

Totally, 169 CNG stations became operational in the last Iranian year (ended March 20, 2014) and 52 more stations have been run thereafter, Riahi said.

Iran has 2,220 CNG stations and 100 more will be added by next March, pledged the official.

Based on data, country consumes 20-21 million cubic meters of CNG per day and the figure will rise to 23 million by the mid-March 2015.

Iran’s Oil Ministry has a developmental perspective toward CNG industry and signed an agreement to supply the equipment of 1000 stations by the help of private sector, he concluded.

Tehran province has 258 CNG stations, of which 205 are currently operational and 50 are near completion.