Jul 20, 2014, 4:55 PM
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Iran makes FES bike

Tehran, July 20, IRNA -- Researchers at Medical Equipment Science and Technology Center affiliated to Tehran's University of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Sciences have designed and produced a functional electrical stimulation (FES) bike.

FES applies small electrical pulses to paralyzed muscles to restore or improve their function. It is used for exercise.

Dr. Farhad Tabatabaei-Qomsheh, the head of the center, said partially paralyzed individuals and patients with disabilities such as spinal cord injuries who aren't able to exercise on their own can pedal the bike using FES-stimulated leg muscles.

He explained that the bike prevents muscle atrophy and helps improve blood circulation in people paralyzed from the waist down.

The FES bikes provide real aerobic exercise, boosts heart and lung function and improves strength and builds muscle mass.

The research was supervised by neuroscientists, including Dr. Mohammad Taqi Joghataei and Dr. Amir Masoud Arab.

Muscle atrophy is defined as a decrease in the mass of the muscle; it can be a partial or complete wasting away of muscle. Muscle atrophies lead to muscle weakness, since the ability to exert force is related to mass.