Jul 19, 2014, 6:00 PM
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Prolonged singlehood problematic

Tehran, July 19, IRNA -- Marriage is a sacred union between a man and woman, which permits both of them to be free to enjoy life and live happily.

God has created this beautiful relationship for men and women which is based on mutual respect, security, love, understanding and compassion.

At present late marriage is no longer rare. Given the high education of women or the economic strains, more and more people tend to go for late marriages, according to the Sunday edition of the English language newspaper Iran Daily.

Although late marriage is a personal decision, it also has negative impacts. This makes it harder to coordinate living styles and habits. Also, this leads to bad interaction between the parents and their children and delays other stages of life.

Statistics show that more than 11 million people are at the marriageable age in Iran. Marriage rate declined drastically in Iran during 2006-2013.

There are various reasons for late marriage and some of them will be dealt with below.

A large number of married persons contend that the future of a matrimonial life is not as pleasant as it is in the beginning, thus they advise single persons to remain unmarried forever.

Such married men/women think the great expectations they had from marriage have not been realized. Thus they try to share their experiences with unmarried persons and convince them not to get married. Such complaints encourage many single persons to avoid marriage.

As the age goes up, marriage opportunities are reduced, especially for women. A girl who is over 35 years old has less chance of marriage compared to younger ones. This has helped extend the singlehood period for many individuals.

In addition, falling in love with someone cannot ensure a happy and successful marriage. Sometimes those, who have been involved in an emotional relationship for a long time, fail in marriage. A large number of people who suffered such losses are reluctant to choose another partner.

In our country, girls are more vulnerable to the harmful impacts of such losses and those who have experienced a separation have lesser chances for marriage.

The discord between youth and their parents is another reason that some girls and boys to remain single. A number of parents are reluctant to accept the person chosen by their son/daughter for marriage and this causes many youth to remain single.

Furthermore, people become more inflexible as they grow up, thus choosing the right spouse is difficult for them. Such people want to find a perfect spouse while they should know that no person can be completely ideal and all people have some deficiencies.

Girls usually compare their new suitors with the previous ones. They are unlikely to accept the proposal of a suitor who is of lower social and educational levels compared to previous ones.

It should be noted that finding the right spouse for those unmarried persons who have been isolated from the society and are away from educational and working environments, is a difficult task. Such people can ask their families and friends to help them find the right spouse.