Jul 16, 2014, 5:30 PM
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Role of material and energy in acupuncture

Tehran, July 16, IRNA -- The English language newspaper Iran Daily's Thursday edition has dedicated one of its articles to acupuncture, the first part of which is as follows:

What is ‘yin-yang’ theory?

The symbol of ‘yin-yang’ is a white spot in a dark portion and black spot in white portion.

This duality symbol also exists in Zoroastrian culture. Zoroastrians believed that the universe is a battlefield between Ahura Mazda and Ahriman. In simpler terms, there is light and hope in heart of every darkness and darkness in heart of every light and whiteness. In fact, everything is relative not absolute.

Such an issue also makes sense in medicine. Although a person is healthy, there are dark sides in his/her body which will expand in case of negligence.

Also, when darkness and illness develop in one’s body and cut his hope for living, there is always a ray of hope to rely on.

Also this duality items contradict each other, they form one cycle.

‘Yin-yang’ is a symbol of this cycle. Yang is a flowing energy, while Yin contains the seed of Yang.

How do you make a person thin?

We help the body attain a balance and reduce weight by inserting needles in certain locations. In fact, we influence material through energy. Needles stimulate energy in body, sending the nerve stimulation to brain, and glands of Pituitary and Hypothalamus. The brain and glands react to these stimulations and cause a rise in metabolism and release of Endorphin hormone in body. So, apart from the increase in metabolism, the person has lower appetite and loses his/her weight.

What is application of hot and cold tempers as well as room temperature in acupuncture?

Yang energy has a hot temper, while Yin is a cold material. When a person suffers underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), he/she may become fat because thyroid relates to metabolism. Since his/her energy level is low, the material shows itself in form of excess weight. Since Yang is low in this person, the heat and energy is low in him/her. Therefore, he/she should use acupuncture in spring and summer because the warmness of the seasons will have good effect on performance of needles.

Environmental factors and weather are effective in acupuncture.

Do you benefit from nutrition in acupuncture?

Yin and Yang have cold and hot natures. When the yin-yang balance is disturbed, we take help of nutrition to restore the body‘s balance.

However, cold and hot temperaments depend on two factors: genetic factor in which a person is born with hot or cold temperament. The other factor is acquired and changeable. Environmental factors such as nutrition are effective on it.

Iran’s traditional medicine considers cold and hot tempers as cold and hot temperaments.

What is difference between Chinese and Iranian traditional medicine in this respect?

Iranian medicine only regards characteristics of material and doesn’t consider the energy.

However, Chinese acupuncture takes into consideration both material and energy.

How is inculcating effective in acupuncture?

Positive inculcating is effective in all medical fields including acupuncture.

What about psychology?

Psychology is part of acupuncture. When a person is angry and touchy, it shows that Yang level is high in his/her body. This negative energy may come out every second. Therefore, we should tranquilize them.

Or, a reclusive person who avoids company has low energy. We try to improve his/her energy level.

Could you estimate the number of people who use acupuncture across the country?

There is no figure available in this respect. We will assess the figure if the insurance companies accept our tariffs. Acupuncture Association has already submitted the tariffs to the Health Ministry. Once it is approved, it will be sent to High Council of Insurance.

When tariffs are covered by insurance sector, exact figures can be released. Because, only persons who have reliable acupuncture certificate, are allowed to treat patients. It means that insurance company has approved them and inked agreement with them.

How can we recognize the real acupuncture physicians from those who don’t have any specialty in this field?

The acupuncture physicians should install their acupuncture clinic license issued by Iran Medical Association on the wall.

Currently, countries such as Canada, US, and France are pioneers in acupuncture.

Usually, Iran allows those, who have received their license from universities and scientific centers of these nations, to conduct acupuncture training courses. They will be able to set up acupuncture centers.

Acupuncture training courses range between 200 and 1,500 hours. Since 2007, the operation license for acupuncture therapy has been given to those who undergo 1,500 hours of training.