Seminar on Red Lines, a new topic for the media critical of nuclear talks

Tehran, July 16, IRNA – The critics of the nuclear talks raised a number of criticisms in a Seminar on "Red Lines, No to Decorative Nuclear Industry", the focal point of certain section of media.

The criticisms were clear from the front page headlines of the print media; some of the headlines are as follows: "Friends' Wake up Call (for negotiators)"; "Lumping Reasons for Growing Concerns"; "Worried about Negotiations failure, Deadlock"; "No Win-Win Deal"; "Be Careful! Our Children at Risk of Getting Lured by Such Deceptive Discourses"; "MPs Not Updated by Negotiating Team on Content of Proposed Package" .

"Seminar on the Red Lines, No to Decorative Nuclear Industry" has also been the focus of the web media, including Tasnim.

Tasnim writes that the negotiating team used domestic criticisms as pressure lever in the talks. It writes that Majlis should be kept abreast with the comprehensive agreement, coming on the heels of the talks.

Tasnim covered seminar lectures, including the one by member of the Board of Instructors in Tehran University and member of the Supreme Cultural Revolution Council Hossein Kachuian, who said there have been many reasons to be worried about the talks.

He said the group of people claiming to be in peace and relaxed with the process of talks, are presenting "childish" thinking.

He added that on certain cases, the negotiators had provided the other party in the talks with a number of information not known to the other party. "They did not even know we have gained achievements and they needed time to come to terms."

Ruhollah Qarhi, Head of the Imam Mahdi Seminary, said criticisms of "friends" should be taken as a wake up call for the "individuals". (Iranian negotiators)

Naser Nobari, Dean of Islamic Azad University's Faculty of Law and Political Science, and Iran's former ambassador to the former Soviet Union, Nasser Nobari, in a statement to the Seminar on the Red Lines, regretted that prolongation of talks is result of overlooking the former criticisms. "Of course we are not concerned with prolongation of the talks but with failure of the talks and the deadlock."

He said the challenges against which there were enough warnings have not emerged in today's talks.

Vahid Ashtari, spokesman of the Commission to Safeguard Iran Interests, said, "As a group of demanding students we are entitled to question and oversee the foreign policy environment."

Mohammad-Hassan Asfari, Member of Majlis National Security and Foreign Policy Committee, criticized certain articles posted on certain websites and said those behind the articles are in fact after their own business in dealing with the sanctions.

Saeed Ghassemi, Director of the Misagh Cultural Complex, said the meeting of the UK politician Jack Straw with family of nuclear energy martyrs is ridiculous.

He said we are not in the win-win war; they want to deceive our children.

Meanwhile, Mashreq News and Vatan newspapers also focused on the Red Lines Seminar with a critical outlook.

They quoted a number of people saying that they were not feared of sanctions.

Jahan daily writes that R&D means a forward looking attitude and eying future horizons, so, if R&D stops at the current level it would mean zero progress and no forward-looking movement. "So, we should not accept any limit for the R&D because accepting any restriction will mean closing the forward-looking way to new nuclear activities and technology."

Kayhan daily reflected on "Features of Marathon of Estimates in Vienna" and said the Geneva talks provide us with a good experience: Good agreement should be balanced, transparent, and free of any ambiguity with clear commitments. "Especially speaking in the case of sanctions, one should be careful that firstly, the US government has no authority before the Congress, contrary to our negotiating team, which has not taken heed of Majlis for its strong support. Secondly, even if supposing closure of all nuclear activities in exchange for total lifting the sanctions, Amercians will bring a series of excuses."