Jul 16, 2014, 1:07 PM
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Israel loses big time again: Kayhan International

Tehran, July 16, IRNA - With the United Nations and other international groups pushing for a settlement of the ongoing conflict, the criminal regime of Israel once again feels ever more humiliated, disgraced, condemned, isolated and defeated, wrote an English-language paper.

Interestingly, while the rest of the international community is aghast at the deaths of some 200 Palestinians, the US is loudly cheering the ongoing conflict, saying Israel’s killing of civilians is not "disproportionate”, added 'Kayhan International' in its Viewpoint column on Wednesday.

The timing couldn’t be worse, as several countries are seeking to negotiate a ceasefire in Gaza, while Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has agreed to put the question to the Israeli cabinet.

That’s because in Tel Aviv, the primary impetus for a ceasefire would be to avoid international censure over the mass killings of civilians: They know that so long as the US is endorsing the killings there is no reason to think any United Nations resolution calling for an end to the violence will bring justice to Gaza, wrote the daily.

According to the UN, however, four out of every five Palestinians killed during Israel’s military offensive in Gaza have been civilians, including dozens of women and children.

The statistic was disclosed by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs amid mounting international concern over non-combatant casualties during an unjustified offensive Israel claims is aimed at stopping rockets being fired into occupied territories.

The sad part of the scenario is that even after a ceasefire, under the illegal siege regime, Israel will continue to control the entry of food, medicines and gasoline as well as construction materials to Gaza.

The purpose of the blockade is to force, by blatantly violating international law, a change in the government represented by Hamas - the political organization Palestinians people elected in the first place.

According to many recent reports, including one by the UN, compounding the siege in a disproportionate use of force that violates international law, "The Israeli military has numerously attacked the people of Gaza with American F-16 jet fighters, Apache attack helicopters, rocket firing unmanned drones, white phosphorus and dense inert metal explosive bombs.”

According to the UNICEF, likewise, "The siege and the attacks have caused the people of Gaza to suffer from long-term low levels of nutrition and lack of appropriate medical treatment and care.

On June 4, 2009, US President Barak Obama in Cairo said to the world that the "continuing humanitarian crisis in Gaza must end.” But, since then, no one in Washington, including Obama, has done anything to end the siege or challenge the Israeli attacks on the besieged city.

As a consequence, the Israeli regime continues to strangle Gaza with its siege and has even increased building illegal settlements on occupied Palestinian territories.

It is evident that the people of Gaza will continue to face the humanitarian catastrophe unless the international community forces the Zionist regime to lift its unjustified blockade.

World leaders are equally duty-bound to step up and exercise their political might to exert pressure on the usurper regime to recognize the Palestinian right to a normal life and self-determination.

The world should no longer remain idle and uncaring in the face of the massive violation of human rights perpetrated against Gazans by Israel. If the world fails to act decisively this time around, it will only aggravate and prolong Palestinian sufferings and endanger chances for peace.

From the concept of collective consciousness, life must go on in Gaza, the paper concluded.