Jul 16, 2014, 2:40 PM
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Hamas envoy: Resistance only way to overcome Zionist regime

Qom, July 16, IRNA – Hamas representative in Iran Khalid al-Qodumi said resistance was the only way to overcome the usurper Zionist regime.

He said the Palestinian nation and the Islamic resistance trend have been confronting the Zionist regime's expansionist policies for over six decades now though attacks against innocent Palestinians have never been halted for even a single day.

He regretted that the Palestinian nation is now living in their own houses like prisoners.

He stressed that Palestinian could walk in the streets and participate in political and economic activities only if they behave according to the standards and regulations set for them by the Zionist regime.

Pointing to incapability of international organizations against the Zionist regime, he said experience has taught Palestinians that retreat from their positions would only encourage the Zionist regime and deprive the nation from anything it possesses.

He said resistance against the Zionist regime is the only possible way to establish a tranquil society and said the deadly silence of international organizations and their support for the Zionist regime have caused distrust among Palestinians.

As to the recent attacks on Gaza, the Hamas official stated that the Zionist regime was determined to cover up the unrest and turmoil in its own territory and also to regain the trust of its allies.

He said Hamas combatants were now a big obstacle on the way of the Zionist regime in reaching its objectives.

Al-Qodumi noted that the Hamas combatants are now able to attack the Zionist regime from air, ground and sea, causing terror and fear in the hearts of the usurpers of the holy Qods.

He said the Hamas leaders have rejected an Egypt-mastered ceasefire plan since the Zionist regime was in reality behind the scheme to overshadow the achievements of the resistance.

He said Hamas will keep rejecting any kind of plans which would not guarantee the rights of the Palestinian nation.