Larijani urges Islamic states parliaments to adopt  unified stand against Zionist regime

Tehran, July 15, IRNA – Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani in separate telephone conversations with parliament speakers of Algeria, Syria, UAE and Pakistan called on Islamic parliaments to adopt a unified stand against the crimes and atrocities of the Zionist regime.

During telephone calls, Larijani who is current chairman of the OIC Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) underlined the significant role the leaders of Islamic countries can play in dealing with merciless crimes of the Zionist regime and preventing carnage of people in Gaza.

Current developments in Palestine and Iraq have created a suitable opportunity for the Zionist regime to step up its suppressive moves and violence against the oppressed Palestinian people.

Condemning the silence of international organizations mainly the the so-called advocates of human rights, he said all should try to end the current massacre of Palestinian people.

The Algerian parliament speaker lauded the efforts of his Iranian counterpart to defend the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people and underlined that the Zionist regime is worse than the former South African apartheid regime.

The moves of terrorist groups have created a very tough situation for the Islamic world, encouraging the Zionist regime to take violent actions against Muslims, he said.

The UAE speaker, for his part express concern over current developments in the region mainly in Palestine and said all Islamic countries and IPU are responsible for the issue.

UAE has taken actions to support the oppressed Palestinian people, he said.

Speaker of Pakistan national parliament, appreciated the efforts of the Iranian Majlis to stop the savage atrocities of the Zionist regime and voiced his readiness to extend any type of cooperation with other Islamic parliaments in this regard.

In another telephone call, the Syrian parliament speaker criticized the silence of internationall and regional organizations on the crimes of the Zionists.