Jul 15, 2014, 5:54 PM
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Tehran, July 15, IRNA -- The English language paper Iran Daily in its Press Panorama column to be published on Wednesday has reviewed several Persian newspapers:

Iran, USA and a handful of problems

Afarinesh: July 20 is nearing at a time when Mideast tensions have intensified and the Iraq crisis is becoming more serious by the day. Israel-Hamas conflicts have again reached a critical phase.

Although such developments are not related to the Vienna talks, a nuclear consensus can solve one of the Mideast crises and impact regional policies.

Success in nuclear talks will motivate the US for further cooperation with Iran like their cooperation in Afghanistan after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. They could also cooperate to resolve the Iraq crisis. However, many nations seek to create obstacles for nuclear talks.

If the talks fail, it will be in the interest of many regional and world nations, and raise sanctions against Iran and its political and international isolation.

However, both Iran and the US are determined to conduct negotiations. All foreign ministers left Vienna, except US State Secretary John Kerry who stayed to continue consultations with Iran.

Problem-based nature of Gov’t-Majlis sessions

Aftab-e Yazd: Any negotiation, meeting and discussion of joint issues by the Majlis and government will help reduce mutual problems. Such government-Majlis meetings have been held in the past.

Currently, the incumbent government and the Majlis are holding joint sessions to directly discuss and remove differences.

If they cannot remove the problems directly, Majlis will use other tools such as investigation and impeachment.

However, some of the issues can be solved through mutual talks. If the government and Majlis focus on a certain problem during their joint sessions, it will be more effective.

For example, they can discuss unemployment in one session, inflation in another and cultural issues in a different session. This will help resolve ambiguities about all issues. Then they could pursue the issue in-depth, which will lead to amity.

Legal parties and legitimate factionalism

Arman: Party activists have always welcomed legalization of political activities. They are seeking a law that could remove their problems.

Political activity is costly in Iran. If we want to boost political work, we should change the prevailing conditions and boost teamwork.

The factional work should have rules to define legal and illegal operations. For example, explanation of political crime will specify the consequence of any criticism. A party should be able to defend its performance when it faces a charge.

In former regulations of Article 10 Commission, no content had been included for defending parties and the commission used to decide without hearing the party member’s answers.

Representatives of the House of Parties should be present in the commission. House of Parties, as a civilian entity, should be present in making decisions.

Roots of Saudi claims on Arash field

Mardomsalari: Although Iran reacted quickly to the claim raised by Saudi Arabia on Arash oil and gas field, such a claim has been inspired by following issues: Poor diplomacy of Iran in recent years, particularly during the tenure of the former government severed Iran’s ties with various nations. Also, non-diplomatic approaches of former president and other officials led to issuance of UN Security Council resolutions and imposition of escalating sanctions against Iran. Iran’s ties with neighboring and regional nations also cooled.

Saudi Arabia had ties with Iran frozen during the eight-year tenure of the former government. When Iran faced oil sanctions, Saudi Arabia declared that it would open its oil valves to offset the Iranian quota.

Due to sanctions, mismanagement and emotional policies, Iran lagged behind other rivals in exploitation of oil and gas from joint energy fields.

Although the current government has taken steps to boost exploitation from oilfields and offset the backwardness, the problems cannot be solved in the short run.