Jul 15, 2014, 5:06 PM
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Role of material and energy in acupuncture

Tehran, July 15, IRNA – The English language newspaper Iran Daily's Wednesday edition has dedicated one of its articles to acupuncture, the first part of which is as follows:

The role of acupuncture in relieving pain, improving the natural physical performance, and treating diseases can be studied from different aspects.

Acupuncture studies confront us with Qi (natural energy) and its meridians (channels). They imply to metaphysical issues.

On the other hand, today’s knowledge links inserting needle in the body with nervous system and nerve stimulations. This is not in contradiction with modern medicine and physical issues.

Reza Heshmat, president of acupuncture association, believes that pointing to energy in acupuncture does not deny the physical issues in this type of therapy because energy and physical issues are interrelated.

Iran Daily has interviewed him. Excerpts follow:

IRAN DAILY: What is the relationship between material and energy, as well as physical and spiritual issues in acupuncture?

HESHMAT: The Chinese believed that body creates balance between material and energy. The material can produce energy.

The pulse is a wave. Wave is a form of energy with physical origin. On the other hand, this physical origin generates energy.

So, our body has non-physical elements which are known as energy.

The relation of material and energy is like a mother and a child. If one becomes ill, the other is also affected.

What is the difference between acupuncture and modern medicine?

Western concept of medicine focuses on physical issues, while acupuncture focuses on non-physical issues.

In fact, our medicine is an energy-oriented therapy. We have influence on material and body via energy, while modern energy affects energy by using material.

Energy is created through combination of food with oxygen. Energy could be in the mechanical, chemical, thermal and emotional forms.

However, Chinese traditional medicine points to Qi energy and its meridians which differ with your interpretation.

Traditional Chinese medicine focuses on Qi (natural energy) and its meridians (channels). It refers to waves which are in relation with physics. No energy exists in the body as long as the food is not consumed. Therefore, Chinese medicine recommends proper nutrition, not breathing in air-polluted areas, and do breathing exercises such as taijiquan and qigong. Observing all the above will generate positive energy.

How do you select the parts of the body for inserting the needles?

Energy like pulse exists in many parts of the body but it is felt in some parts better and with easy access.

We insert the needles in parts in which energy is felt well.

These spots are located in 12 major energy routes which affect special organs.

When the blood lipid is high, it may be due to liver disorder. Therefore, needles are inserted in spots leading to liver so as the sensory nerves of that part have a positive impact on liver.

When a patient suffers diabetes, I insert the needle in main spots of the route leading to the pancreas.

Could the needles, which are inserted in surface of skin, be effective on the performance of organs?

The needles, with insertion depth of three millimeters, can stimulate the brain as well as the central nervous system.

When a mosquito bites you, its bite may have insertion depth of one millimeter, but brain is too sensitive and receives the message sent out by the bite. Therefore, you feel the consequences of biting for hours.

The stimulations caused by needles will have reactions from the brain which help the recovery of the related organs.

Do you only use needles to create this coordination?

Apart from inserting needles, nutritional observations and respiratory exercises are used for treating the disease. On the other hand, stresses and pathogenic factors are also taken into consideration in acupuncture.

Please explain about the model of body’s electromagnetic energies in Chinese traditional medicine.

The body cells include atoms which have electrons and protons. The rotation of electron around proton gives off electromagnetic energy.

So, our cells constantly produce electromagnetic energy and we are in an electromagnetic atmosphere. This has been proved by Quantum physics.

How is the body’s electronic balance disturbed and leads to illness and disease?

The material is an important factor in this physical body. The cell may face problem leading to disorder in rotation of electrons or the cell may age or the body’s enzymes be disturbed. Or it occurs due to cellular metabolism.

On the other hand, any movement may create energy in the body, but this energy does not have positive effect on material and generates negative energy. Therefore, we remove this negative energy by using needles.