Jul 15, 2014, 2:47 PM
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Iranian official to UN chief: Let's protect Gaza children

Tehran, July 15, IRNA – Head of a leading cultural institute in Iran sent a message to the UN chief on Tuesday urging him to support defenseless people of Gaza, children in particular.

"Children are the only means of memories of life; let's protect Gaza children," Managing Director the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults (IIDCTA) Alireza Hajian said in his message to Ban Ki-moon.

The full text of Hajian's message is as follows:

"Your Excellency, Mr. Ban Ki-moon,

Secretary General of the United Nations

With Regards and Respect

"I would like to express my concern about catastrophic events which have been formed increasingly these days against defenseless population of Palestine in Gaza, and especially defenseless children of this land.

"Mr. President,

The United Nations is raised from all nations’ dreams and desires for peace, so it is righteous to try apropos to prevent ruinous wars and genocide and atrocities that occurred especially against children in all parts of the world.

"Mr. President,

You well know that based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child, governments should care and protect children during armed conflicts. Although it is apparent that children’s rights trampled these days by the brutal attack on Gaza and the Children of Gaza do not have any protection and safety, we are facing up to the questionable silence and this serious question comes to mind which preventive and effective attempt have the UN planned to seize this genocide?

"Mr. President

Doubtlessly, this catastrophe is not the first and certainly not the last one which ignores the children’s life and safety during war. Safety and security of children all over the world are threatened by a variety of excuses. According to CRC, children have the rights to play, recreation, and participation in cultural and creative activities. Unfortunately, the shadows of fear, agony, insecurity, poverty and chronic hunger, premature death, and wild rape against children have made children's lives bleary and put their safety, welfare and healthiness at risk. A brief look at what is happening in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Myanmar and Niger and that happens in every corner of the world is the sign of catastrophic threats against the children of the world.

"Mr. President

Children constitute an important part of human social life and they need to live in a peaceful world free from war and violence. Childhood shaped the emanation and source of adulthood life and the damage of childhood does not only makes children and their future physically and psychologically, socially and spiritually destroyed but also ruins the aspirations and longing of adulthood. Life without juvenility is a life without memories and fantasy. The life without a reliable past would not lead to experience a bright future. All countries and international institutions and international treaties are compelled to preserve and protect the children’s being, regardless of which excuse threats children’s lives, should try the best to protect the defenseless children.

"Mr. President

Undoubtedly the continuity of this trend and the continuance of inhuman demolishing threats and disasters have placed serious damage to the future of humanity. All humans are responsible for these catastrophes and sufferings. Regarding your crucial duty, the UN and you have superior responsibility. You are expected to take your legitimate and humanitarian responsibilities and actions, arrange decent moves, and seize these atrocities to become deeper and more continuous."

With all due respect,

General Manager

Ali-reza Hajian-zadeh