Jul 14, 2014, 6:57 PM
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Press Panorama

Tehran, July 14, IRNA -- The English language news paper Iran Daily in its Press Panorama column to be published on Tuesday has reviewed several Persian newspapers:

Bloody iftars

Mardomsalari: Gaza has been under Israeli bombardments over the past two weeks. Its residents are breaking their fasts in the midst of air raids and bombings. They are witnessing the martyrdom of their youths and adolescents by the Zionist regime.

The Zionist regime has killed over 100 Palestinians and injured 700 under the pretext of the deaths of three Israelis. Hamas has denied any involvement.

This is while the false claimants to human rights have remained mum on Israeli atrocities and stood alongside the Zionist regime. Americans and Europeans have supported the Zionist regime and criticized the Islamic Resistance forces for firing rockets, which are in retaliation for the Zionist regime’s bombings.


IRIB’s major task

Aftab-e Yazd: The major task of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) is cultural development. It should raise various issues on the basis of research and public demand.

Culture-building will not be possible unless it is based on field studies. If its audience is studied precisely, the process will follow the right course.

If a TV producer only wants to increase one’s popularity by provoking public reactions, the person has not performed well. Although popularity rises in a short time, the wrong approach will gradually move the person out of the spotlight.

Since Iranian audiences are very smart and informed, they immediately grasp the TV producer’s intention.


Inattention to urban health

Javan: The major problem of Mehr Housing Scheme is its failure to establish sufficient educational centers.

Establishment of educational spaces and service centers in new townships can reduce urban problems and prevent intercity trips. This goal is tied to making investment and using the capacities of the private sector.

Therefore, a portion of shortages can be addressed by attracting economic enterprises such as banks to operate there.

Water supply, sewage network and electricity and phone transmission canals should also be established in these townships.

Addressing the need for urban infrastructures will help secure the health of the inhabitants of new townships.


Defending the middle class

Ebtekar: A recent report released by Statistical Center of Iran shows the rise in costs of living in Iranian cities.

Due to the unbridled inflation of recent years, city dwellers have reduced their expenditures by 22.4 percent during the year to March 2014 against the previous year.

In other words, the expenditures of urban and rural households have increased by 25 and 19.8 percent respectively during the period.

The middle class is regarded as the dynamic engine for most developments in contemporary Iran. It is crucial for promoting democracy.

While the former government neglected it, the country’s development depends on giving high importance to this stratum.

The current government should respect the identity and culture of the middle class and improve their economic conditions.

Package for moving out of recession

Donya-ye-Eqtesad: Details of a package prepared by the government’s economic taskforce to take the country out of recession in a non-inflationary way have been published.

It seems that the government wants to achieve quick results and has emphasized on demand-based factors. The government’s experts should render supply-based alternatives with the help of other organizations. The non-inflationary approach is laudable, as the government keeps its eyes on the inflation rate at every step.

The government intends to increase the financial power of banks. If it makes loan-giving profitable for banks, they will find new resources.

Profitability will help boost the production sector. The main strategy to move out of recession is that every entrepreneur should ask what he/she can do in the current circumstances and under the restrictions imposed by the Western sanctions. How can he/she also make a profit in the bargain?