Iran, Syria, Switzerland hold meeting on supply of humanitarian aid to Syrian people

Tehran, July 14, IRNA - The fourth trilateral meeting between Iran, Syria and Switzerland on latest developments in Syria and how to supply humanitarian aid to Syrian people was held in Geneva on Monday.

Director General for the Middle East and North Africa at Iran's foreign ministry Reza Ameri, the Swiss Director General for humanitarian affairs and the Syrian deputy foreign minster attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the participants discussed ways of sending humanitarian aid to people in Syria, the current sensitive situation in that country, preserving the country's national sovereignty, and cooperation between the government and Red Crescent Society for shipment of humanitarian aids.

The Iranian envoy lauded the measures taken by the Syrian and Swiss governments to supply humanitarian aid to the Syrian nation.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to help implement agreement signed by Switzerland and Syria on supply of aids to the Syrian people, he said.

The Swiss envoy, for his part, appreciated the efforts made by the Islamic Republic of Iran to establish close cooperation with Syrian officials in helping needy people.

The Syrian deputy foreign minister blamed the unfair economic sanctions and brutal activities of terrorist groups as the root cause of current turmoil in Syria.

He slammed the direct and indirect of economic sanctions on people mainly in the field of foodstuff and pharmaceuticals and called for their immediate removal.