Palestine resistance movement appeals for Muslim solidarity to condemn Israeli aggression

Tehran, July 14, IRNA - Representative of the Palestinian Islamic resistance movement in Iran Nasser Abu Sharif on Monday appealed for Muslim solidarity to condemn Israeli aggression on Gaza and the West Bank.

He made the remarks in a press conference held to discuss Zionist regime's air raids on the civilian targets in Gaza.

The Muslim Ummah should support Palestinians against the occupying regime of Tel Aviv, Abu Sharif noted.

The Israeli air raids target civilian population including the Mosques to take the highest tolls.

In reaction to international community's condemnation of bombing the Mosques, the Israeli leaders say they targeted the Mosques deliberately, because they thought there have been missile launchers, whereas, the Muslims gather at the Mosques at nights of the holy month of Ramadan to listen to the preachers and perform religious rituals.

Abu Sharif underlined that Muslims should avoid killing their brothers and they should exercise vigilance toward the Israeli conspiracy to divide the Muslims.

The envoy asked other Palestinian movements including the Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fath) to support Hamas and the Islamic Jihad military action against the occupying regime of Tel Aviv.

The Palestinian resistance movement will not accept any ceasefire based on the conditions of 2012 truce between Tel Aviv and Palestinians, he underscored.

The Zionist regime has launched over 1200 air strikes against civilian targets in Gaza in the past seven days.

The death toll in Gaza has risen to at least 172 while several hundred have been wounded. Most of the victims are said to be women and children.